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Technische Universität München



The Institute for Advanced Study (IAS)

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About us

The essential TUM-IAS concept is to allow not only selected guest scientists but also our best faculty members to conduct top-level research while offering early-career scientists the chance to develop their talents in the inspiring environment of outstanding senior scientists. To this end, Fellows on different levels of seniority will be given the possibility to devote their full time to innovative research projects in nascent areas of science which bear the promise of major scientific breakthroughs.

The Institute for Advanced Study of Technische Universität München is part of TUM’s institutional strategy “TUM. The Entrepreneurial University.” in the Excellence Initiative by the German federal and state governments. While building on the success of the first round of this program started in 2006, TUM-IAS’ strategy for the second round of the Excellence Initiative (2012-2017) as an Integrative Research Center is to bolster its role as a flagship for top-level international research at TUM.

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