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    The ν-Dark 2015 international workshop will be held in Garching, Germany, from December 7 (morning) to December 9 (afternoon) 2015, at the Institute for Advanced Study of the Technical University of Munich.
    This workshop is devoted to review the evidence for and against - keV scale - neutrino as a possible warm/cold Dark Matter candidate.
    At the crossroad of particle physics, astrophysics, and cosmology, the observational constraints, the production mechanisms in the early Universe, and the experimental perspectives will be discussed.

    International Advisory Committee
    Fedor Bezrukov (University of Connecticut)
    Alexei Boyarsky (University of Leiden)
    George Fuller (University of California San Diego)
    Loredana Gastaldo (University of Heidelberg)
    Carlo Giunti (INFN)
    André de Gouvea (University of Northwestern)
    Steen Hansen (University of Copenhagen)
    Alessandro Mirizzi (INFN)
    Georg Raffelt (MPI, Munich)
    Oleg Ruchayskiy (EPFL)
    Aurel Schneider (University of Zurich)
    Francesco Shankar (University of Southampton)
    Mikhail Shaposhnikov (EPFL, Lausanne)

    Local Organizing Committee
    Konrad Altenmueller (TUM, IAS)
    Marco Drewes (TUM)
    Thierry Lasserre (TUM, IAS, CEA)
    Alexander Merle (MPP)
    Susanne Mertens (KIT, LBNL)
    Stefan Schoenert (TUM)
    Maximilian Totzauer (MPP)

    In collaboration with

    For general questions please contact: thierry.lasserre(at)cea.fr


    foto: NASA-ESA