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    Organizing Committee:

    Hans-Joachim Bungartz, Patrick Dewilde, Massimo Fornasier, Markus Hegland, Thomas Huckle, Miriam Mehl

    The Institute for Advanced Study of the Technische Universität München regularly organizes "Exploratory Workshops", whose aim it is to bring together a (small) number of scientists who wish to explore new avenues in science and/or technology together in the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of the Institute. Typical Exploratory Workshops last two to four days and assemble some 20-30 internationally renowned scientists around a common theme. The workshops mostly consists of a combination of lectures and discussion sessions and also allow for open participation of interested students. A few slots are foreseen for selected contributed presentations by students.

    The proposed workshop on "Novel Numerical Methods" aims at exploring new ideas in the already well established but crucially important field of Numerical Algebra. Surprisingly, the recent interest in handling ambitious problems numerically in fields such as multi-dimensional and tensor calculus, dynamical system theory, multi-physics and other data-intensive applications has brought a flurry of new computational ideas, which we think are worth bringing together. A preliminary choice of potential tracks (one per day) for the workshop is:

    • Track 1: Dynamical Systems, Control and Stochastics
    • Track 2: Multi-dimensional Problems
    • Track 3: Data-intensive Applications.

    A preliminary list of confirmed participants can be found here. The final program will of course reflect the input of all actual participants.

    Call for student contributions

    Doctoral candidates are hereby invited to propose 20 minute presentations of recent results in the topics of the workshop. For this purpose they are asked to submit a short abstract (1-2 pages) describing their proposed contribution to:

    Prof. Miriam Mehl, email address: mehl(at)in.tum.de

    by May 31st at the latest. Notification of eventual acceptance will be given by June 15th.

    The workshop is being held as a tribute to three departing members of the Institute: Prof. Markus Hegland and Prof. Miriam Mehl, whose tenure as Fellows is ending this year, and Prof. Patrick Dewilde, who has been retiring as Director of the Institute in March this year. All members of TUM are cordially invited to attend the lectures and participate in the discussions.

    Further information on the workshop can be obtained from the organizers, in particular from Miriam Mehl.