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    Anna Boyksen Fellowship

    Target Group:
    Outstanding scientists from outside TUM who intend to explore gender- and diversity-relevant problems with regard to the natural and engineering sciences together with a TUM research group are eligible for a TUM-IAS Anna Boyksen Fellowship. The proposal is to be submitted jointly by the nominee and the planned TUM-IAS host.



    The Fellowship is named after Anna Boyksen, the first female engineering student at TUM (1906).

    Duration/Stays at TUM:

    The Fellowships last two years, during which Fellows are expected to spend a total of three to six months at TUM. In this way, TUM-IAS intends to further a lasting and productive connection on an international level.


    Anna Boyksen Fellows receive an award of max. €20,000 plus max. €50,000 for travel, housing and research-related costs (depending on the length of their stay). Fellows will be given a maximum degree of freedom as to how they utilize these funds (within bounds set by funding agencies; the funds are administered by the TUM-IAS) and their time. The award will be transferred to the Fellow 
    typically in two or three installments.

    Family support:

    For Fellows with family responsibilities, the TUM-IAS offers flexible funding (for example for childcare/school fees), additional administrative support, and various other kinds of provisions. For more information, please see page 18.

    Anna Boyksen Visiting Fellowship:
    For those scientists who cannot make the requirement of several months’ stays at TUM, TUM-IAS offers Visiting Fellowships. TUM-IAS supports these short stays with travel and accommodation funding.

    How to apply:

    Please submit the following documents:

    • a nomination letter by a TUM professor including the facilities provided for the Fellow by the TUM Host institute,
    • a CV including a list of major publications (please highlight the 3-5 most important publications of the past 5 years),
    • a statement of purpose jointly signed by the candidate and the hosting professor, describing how the Fellowship would contribute to the innovation of the scientific environment at TUM, the specific goals to be achieved, a budget plan and a time plan regarding the candidate’s projected periods of stay at TUM.

    Nominations can be made at any time during the year. Please send nominations directly to the TUM-IAS office.

    The Director of TUM-IAS will decide on the award after consultation with the TUM Gender & Diversity Board.