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Diesel Reloaded

The Project "Diesel reloaded" is a holistic concept of electric individual mobility using the latest technologies of mechatronics and energy technology, developed by focus-groups/alumni-focus-groups/alumni/gernot-spiegelberg.htmlProf. Dr.-Ing. Gernot Spiegelberg (Siemens AG) in the context of a Rudolf Diesel Industry Fellowship at TUM–IAS. The global efforts to develop electric vehicles have grown so diverse that they are now difficult overlook. However, these tend to relate to mere vehicle development and only marginally consider the complex interactions between vehicle, infrastructure, and user behavior.

The objective of the ongoing project is, therefore, to pursue a holistic approach to the study of electric mobility. On the one hand, the technology will be a focal point, which is reflected in the development of a new diesel-electric truck. Parallel to this, however, there will be great emphasis placed on the external presentation of activities and results, signifying the importance of the "electric mobility" research field for TUM. In this regard, a road show is planned in which the model vehicle will itself carry and demonstrate the technology on a large-scale national or international tour. Thereby, the vehicle will be both subject and object of development.

The activities are being carried out through the involvement of three doctoral researchers with the research tasks: "electric power train and energy management," "electronic system architecture of all interconnected functions," and "development of a novel human-machine interface with side stick controller." Additionally, under the guidance of a post-doctoral researcher, a basic concept will first be implemented from which the final, innovative, revolutionary solutions will be derived. All participants will use a development tool of Siemens AG, the PLM Teamcenter, for construction and documentation as well.